towards a new year

hello again, i hope you had a good holiday.

i am shipping out some more orders, and i'm finally done with the first batch of 10 dresses. i will be taking 12/31 and 1/01 off, to celebrate my father's birthday and the new year. so, the 2nd batch will begin shortly after!

this past week i spent a couple days switching bedrooms with my mom, since my old room didn't fit me and my partner at all (it was fine for me alone, but it's really too small for two people's belongings). we started on Christmas day because it was the only day my mom took off work (she works weekends too). i am grateful and happy to finally have some space and be able to do a cuter setup. i will do a mini room/closet tour when things are all done!

while sewing, i have been listening to Illuminaughty on youtube, i don't know how i discovered her, but i enjoy her videos and the research she does to support her claims.

i want to share a bit more on my next project, something quite ambitious. i have designed a bag! it will come in 4 colors, and i will be doing a kickstarter for it. she is a fluffy gal, in lovely pastel colorways. there are detachable straps for crossbody and backpack style! hint: think of little twin stars.

i am waiting on the last two samples to arrive, and if they are to my expectations i will start organizing the kickstarter campaign. there is a lot to do to start one, and a lot of research, but i hope to open it sometime late January. the campaign will run for one month, and production will begin (if it's successful) once my manu comes back from CNY. im so excited to show you all!

as for the next dress release, i already have a great theme in mind. but, i will not start on it until i am done with all the orders for sweetie collection. i will most likely be using a manufacturer for future releases, as i have realized i simply cannot sew all by myself and run the entire "brand" in a timely manner. i have heard other dressmakers express their difficulty in sewing everything by themselves, and i have broken down too, many times. it's been rough, but i do still find joy in my work.

i dont want to complain too much, as it is my own fault for my inexperience and burning out. i have decided to work on a more strict schedule, 8 hours a day only. as well as a day off each week to enjoy my winter break. im certainly not looking forward to the new semester at school, but probably every student is like that.

thank you for joining me,


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