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a rocky start to the new semester at uni, but i am getting over it. i had to register for a class at another college which adds onto my schedule. i'm having a hard time waking up at 5:30AM every morning, but having a long long day feels nice too. i guess... i'm just waiting for the day i completely burn out. i can feel it lol

anyways, today i packaged a few orders and they will be dropped off tomorrow. it's weird how just packing a handful took me 4 hours! i couldn't pack as many as i wanted because i ran out of i'm going to pick some more up at the post. i order them online in batches but USPS takes a VERY long time to ship those out.

i managed to finish the second batch before January ended so I'm quite proud of that! i certainly ended up going overtime 3 out of the 4 weeks i had to work, but it's worth it since progress will slow down a bit again now that i'm back in school.

i decided to hang the batch up as it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see them all together. someday, i hope to have a physical store where it will be racks full of my designs!

btw you are seeing different lengths here as they vary depending on customer requests! if you have an order i haven't gotten to, it's not too late to specify a different length or change your size! just send me a message :)

my Kickstarter is awaiting approval now, i worked super hard on it and im so excited to show you. fingers crossed it gets approved so we can launch on Feb 1st!

i would love to show you the preview link, but i still have that dooming feeling it might not get approved hahaha. so, a prelaunch link will be shared if it goes through! i will update my website homepage to share the link as well~

here is the video that is part of the campaign, i hope you get a better idea of the bag!

talk soon! <3

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z z z... don't forget to pick your clothes for tomorrow!

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