first blog post + updates!

hello sleepies! are you excited for the holidays? stressed? i am a bit of both, perhaps more of the latter.

i decided to start a blog on the website so you can see what i'm doing and stay up to date, since i know i've been a bit MIA in general. i do post order progress on instagram story, and it's saved to my story highlight "orderWIP" but, i felt that it would also be good to connect with you here.

today, i packed up several orders and a few dresses. i know i've been very slow, and i constantly beat myself up for it. but you have all been amazing, patient and kind! sometimes the stress becomes too much, specially with finals at school right now where i have to do 16 paintings (yes, sixteen!). staying vigilant, and sending good vibes to those of you also in school.

i am trying to finish the 10th dress by the end of this week, i had intended to finish that last weekend but i realized i had to focus on finals. my last day of class is the 21st, and after that i will be able to pour more energy and time into the next batch of ten.

hopefully, as the dresses i have shipped out arrive and we are able to see customers wear them, it will bring some more excitement for those of you still waiting. i know i'm super excited to see my babies on other lolitas!

as i was packing an apron skirt today, i couldn't help but be proud. it's so cute in the bag!

excuse the crappy editting, my desk was way too messy lol

i thought i would also share some snippets of more personal things, so here is my little sewing pouch.

it's a bit hap dash ? and messy, but i really enjoy the homemade look and contrast stitch. i made it out of felt and muslin.

she has become my best friend when i do hand sewing, such as sewing bows on wristcuffs or adding buttons to JSKs.

here is the front! i am quite proud of the embroidery on this one. i took inspiration from a book, called "Hand-stitched Landscapes & Flowers" by Katrina Witten. i love her use of organza and other sheer fabrics and her abstract, painterly style of embroidery.

that's about it for today. i do have another exciting design planned for the shop, and this time i have a manufacturer so i won't be juggling too many things at once! not revealing what it is quite yet, but i think many of you will love it just as much as i do. everything i come up with develops into a relationship sort of, they are a piece of me. this is my first time having a shop with so much orders all at once, and i'm really grateful for it all. still learning, and trying to improve every day.

talk soon! with hope,

riri ✿

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