phew... how is your february?

the kickstarter launch has been quite successful! to me atleast, i really didn't expect we could hit the last stretch goal and i'm so happy! i feel like there was a lot more i could have done to advertise it, but i don't have a large audience in the first place. some things just come with time?

i have created an instagram for the shop finally, you can follow it ! i dont know when i will start uploading things on there, but maybe starting next month.

school has been so crazy @@@ i have to wake up so early and by the time i'm finished with class for the day, i am often too tired to work any more. at my school, each studio class is 6 hours. i have no idea what's going on in art theory class. lol. it always takes me awhile to figure out how to best spend my time each semester, and sewing progress has been slow because of it.

i dont know if it's because i'm close to having another breakdown, but i want to change my hairstyle alittle. currently my natural hair is at my waist, and i'm thinking of cutting it to mid chest! not a big change maybe, but big for me. also going to perm again but with bigger waves! i need to save up a bit more before i can do that, but im excited and scared. it took me nearly 5 years to grow it this long!

also, i recently took a tiny break during President's Day to sew a cutsew OP! it was so easy and rather refreshing. i finished it in one sitting, and i think i needed the little detour. when your hobby becomes your job it can often feel dead and dreadful, so sometimes its nice to make something for yourself and revive that passion! i'm ready to take on sewing your dresses again, full force ^^

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