a reveal...!

it's been a productive week, a good start to the new year. i didn't work as fast as i was hoping, with the parts sewing method... but i still finished earlier than expected! i have been working on 3 dresses at once, and it's been faster than working on one at a time. a bit less stressful too, since sewing is so much about memorization. doing parts sewing allows me to focus on a few steps instead of all the steps, if that makes sense! i have been sewing nonstop since last Saturday. tried to stay within the 8 hour work day, but going 1-2 hours overtime often. i am definitely stretching a bit thin now. nonetheless, i am very happy with my progress.

it's amazing how just pieces of fabric sewn together slowly becomes a garment. i still think about that sometimes. # showerthoughts vibes

...and finished!

tomorrow i will be taking a day off to run some errands. i'll be going to the crystal store to get some crystals for a friend. i'd also like to get some snacks at the grocery store, since i don't really eat when i work (i just... forget im hungry when im focused)

not many of you check the blog, but for those of you who do, here is a preview

for you:

my upcoming bag!

please excuse the background... i took this just to show my friends. now i'm showing you too!

this is a fluffy faux fur bag that is inspired by Little Twin Stars cloudmaker machine, seen at Puroland and a furniture item in ACNL. can they please bring back Sanrio villagers and items to ACNH?!

it's meant to be a "kind of ita" bag, with a smaller window for pins and decorations. she's adorable as a standalone bag, but there's still room for you to display your interests and creativity with it. she was born from my interest in ita bags, but i am not quite the pins/badges collector and found myself intimidated by the big, empty windows. so, this is like best of both worlds :)

my dear friend Caesey was with me along the whole design and sample journey, and she named this bag "fuwa fuwa etoile" which has really grown on me. although i will need a more general name for the kickstarter campaign i plan to do for these. there will be an early bird special with a free keychain (most likely in a cloud shape!) the campaign is scheduled for late January, running for a month.

or did i mention this already?

i hope you like the design, and if there's any feedback i'd love to hear it, feel free to DM me on instagram: @sleepyriri

do you think i should start a separate instagram for the brand? it feels like a natural thing to do, but i don't really have content that i can post often (since i'm sewing all the time). maybe when the shop gets more established with time...? i don't want to come off unprofessional, but also felt there was no point in having people follow an account that barely updates (which kills the algorithm, and reach will be low compared to my personal)

for now, i will reach you here and via emails. talk soon,


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