2021 fuwafuwa etoile ita bag

Initial sketches of ita bag

I actually don't remember how I started to design this bag... I think I wanted to try making something that I couldn't buy! I started working on the design in the fall of 2020, and I took inspiration from Animal Crossing New Horizon's star pochette and New Leaf's cloud maker machine.

I thought the cute laundry machine-like window would be perfect for an ita bag. And because I wanted to stay true to the inspiration, the opening of the bag had to be a top that opens instead of a normal zipper. This mechanism gave us a lot of trouble at first, but my amazing manufacturer managed to do it!

 The bag launched on Kickstarter in February 2021 and we were able to make so many colors! We did yellow, pink, sax, lavender, mint, white, and black. I was very nervous about the project because I was still unfamiliar with KS, and so nervous we wouldn't be able to raise enough money to produce anything. Luckily a reel I made on Instagram got a good amount of traction, and we were funded in under 3 hours from launch ^o^

I am very proud of this project, specially because everyone I met who bought one told me they loved the quality. That reminds me, I really need to design more leather goods!

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