2021 fancy! mahou shoujo patisserie

FMSP Print sample colorsAs I am writing this, I am still so excited about this print... This was the second print I ever released after sweetie gummy, and I desperately wanted it to be good. So I spent about 3 months just drawing everything, and went through a few revisions. This is the final version, with a yellow and mint colorway. Unfortunately, the manufacturer I found only allowed me to do one colorway per 100 orders (so if I wanted to do 3 colors, I would have to order 300 units)

The inspiration behind this print is obviously magical girls! I don't remember if I ever talked about all the different mahou shoujo series I included in here. It made me so happy to see people recognize some of the more obscure ones.

It felt like such a waste to never showcase all the different desserts I came up with, since each and every one took me hours to render! So I made a menu style graphic that talks about them, including what ingredients I imagined they would be made of.

It really is a print I made with love. This is another one I hope to rerelease some day.

As for the release itself, it was such a nightmare! This was my first time working with a clothing manufacturer, and even though I found them from a reputable source they ended up being so completely unprofessional. I broke down in tears multiple times because of how badly they messed up. I thought I had included every detail but it's as if they ignored all my instructions. What's worse is that they lied to me about their own capabilities regarding plus sizing. This resulted in the final products being unwearable for some customers, and it just looked like false advertising on my end. They also ghosted me for a month simply because they were too ashamed to reveal their workers were not showing up to work due to the workplace having no air conditioning. I was horrified to hear this! In the end, I lost a lot of money during this release mostly just trying to fix mistakes the manu made.

After this I had learned my lesson, and decided to find another manufacturer. Once I started working with the new manu, I realized how unprofessional my previous one was... If only I found my new manu first!

Overall, it's such a shame to me that the release happened the way it did. I really wish I could have a re-do ;;; I think in the future, I would want to print this on cotton.

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